May The Force Be With You, Chewie

2012-06-28_20-58-46_510We’ve had a little rabbit named Chewbacca or Chewie roaming our pasture for the last year or so. He originally was in a rabbit hutch on our porch but he was starting to get stinking, all that poop and all. so we moved his hutch out to the pasture. Our kids weren’t very diligent in putting the lid back on to the hutch after feeding him and he got out of the hutch. We had assumed he ran away but a week later we found him hiding out in the back corner of our pasture. We figured that he seemed to be healthy and content with just roaming back there so we decided to let him.

It becameĀ  a treat to see him from time to time. He didn’t like for us to get too close but it was fun to see him. A couple of weeks ago I started noticing him hanging out in the chicken coop and figured he was just trying to stay out of the cold. I even reached down to pet him and he let me, which was weird. Maybe he was getting tamer. Well, our kids came in from feeding the animals yesterday telling us that sad news that Chewie had become one with the Force (Star Wars lingo for that he had died). I guess he wasn’t really getting tamer but was coming to his end. It’s kind of sad to take care of his body but I am grateful that he had a “free-ish” life and didn’t have to stay locked up in a cage.