Our start down the dairy goat path was not a hundred percent conscious one and it has a pretty sad start. We’ve had pygmy goats (two of them) for two years and had them breed with a neighbor’s buck in the winter of 2011. Only one of the goats got pregnant. We had a cute little boy goat named Jon Jon born in May. Unfortunately he got sick and passed away pretty quickly. My wife really wanted to replace him with another goat. She started asking around to see if anybody had a wether goat that we could get. A friend from our last neighborhood said that she could get us a good deal on a fantastic little buck that had great genetics. We named him Puck, get it like from A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream. The only down side was the he was a LaMancha goat, a dairy goat breed. Now that we had a buck dairy goat we just “had” to have a doe LaMancha to go with our Puck. We went to the 2012 Utah State Fair and picked out a beautiful little doe LaMancha named Leila. Without really meaning too, we were all set to be goat milkers.


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Leila: Milking Records

 Check out the posts about Leila:











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