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Cheep, Cheep! Oh Boy

Chickens are surely a never-ending addiction. Once you start chickening, you can’t stop:

We’d better get the chicken coop started. ūüėČ

Here We Go Again

We thought we could get away from it. We thought that we could go back to how things used to be. We should have known better. With the move to Florida for my wife’s health, we decided that we were going to leave the country/hobby farm life behind and be good suburbanites. We didn’t even last two years. The place we lived in was nice and the neighbors were great, however, they were 15 feet away (too close). They’d also frown on the chickens and goats that we were starting to miss. We fought it for a year mostly because we thought everyone would think we were crazy. So I guess we are…

So on to a new adventure or a twist of an old one. We now have the starts of our country farm with a tropical twist. Check out our new Florida hobby farm:

It’s 4.9 acres of country bliss. It has two ponds on the property both with fish and turtles. It has an existing outbuilding that needs a ton of work. We have a bunch of stuff to do in the house, once that is done we’ll move to getting the outside in order and ready for animals.

We’ll probably have chickens again by this summer and possibly goats in the next year. I’m so excited to not have to worry about breaking ice in water troughs. Just have to keep the gators away from my birds ūüėČ

Farmhouse Chic Before and Afters

I love to see before and afters of DIY projects. ¬†It’s so awesome to see how something that is not so pretty turns into something fantastic and makes me smile! ¬†These projects were really fun to do.

before endtablerectangle





After!  So gorgeous!



 This is inside the drawer.  Love it!




My sweet girl helping sand



Look how gross the cushion was!  Ewww



I forgot to take pics of it all assembled..oops!


And here is the finished project! I love the upholstery!





Look at the cute red handle!




I also did another aqua colored chair to match the other one.

So I’ve listed these babies on Facebook¬†and KSL classifieds. ¬†Hopefully I can sell them on my own. ¬†But, I’ve contacted a consignment shop in Farmington called Consign and Design and have emailed her pictures of all my stuff and am still waiting to hear back from her. ¬†So wish me luck and let me know if you are interested! ūüôā

Introducing Farmhouse Chic!

One of my favorite hobbies is refinishing furniture. ¬†Just about every piece of furniture in our home has been repainted or refurbished in some way by me. ¬†I love how every piece has a story. ¬†I wish that I could sit down with them and just listen to where they’ve been and what they’ve seen. ¬†We have an old antique piano that is over a hundred years old! ¬†Think of all the music and joy it has brought over the years! ¬†Cody’s sweet Grandma has given me several things that I just cherish! ¬†An old tea set from when she was a girl, quilts that her mother made from her dresses growing up, and a set of dining room chairs that have been repainted at least eight times! ¬†(I counted when I stripped them down and repainted them!)

Well every time I refinish a piece my family and friends always say that I should go into business. ¬†I’ve always kind of shrugged it off and said “…maybe one day.” ¬†Well, I guess “one day” ¬†is here! ¬†I’ve decided to start with a couple of pieces and post them on facebook and see what happens. ¬†I will probably post some things on KSL ( a local classifieds section online). ¬†I’ve even talked to a consignment shop in Gardener Village that has a darling little place that is interested in my furniture. ¬†It would be so fun to have my stuff there but they take a huge chunk of the sale. ¬†So I will try to do it on my own first and see what happens.

I’m hoping that some people will like what I do and maybe have me refinish some things for them! I’ve already had one person ask about a bid! ¬†So fun! ¬†I think this little side job will be a fun creative outlet and I’m excited to start experimenting with paint! ¬†There are a bunch of things I’ve wanted to try but my house can only hold so much stuff! ¬†So bring on the paint!

Here are some fun pieces that I’ve done around our little homestead.



Tea Cart

A Darling Tea Table


A Fun Pedestal Kitchen Table That We Use in Our Living Room


My Latest Treasure… Old Dresser into a TV Stand


Grandma’s Chairs

Blue Chair

Old Kitchen Chair Looking Shabby and Fabulous!



Cheap, Cheap, Cheap

DSC_0011 No, my in-laws are not discussing my financial attitude. We had a surprise visit from the stork today. The postal office called today, ¬†a Sunday, and told us that they had a bunch of baby chickens waiting for us and that we had to pick them up today by 3pm or they’d just leave them on the dock at the post office. We had ordered 80 chicks from¬†Murray McMurray Hatchery but were expecting them a week or so later. So we scrambled to go get them and get their stuff ready. Looking at the picture, you wouldn’t think that there were 80 birds in there and you’d be right. Turns out that they shorted us 11 birds. We’ll have to call tomorrow to figure out why. Half of the birds actually belong to our neighbors so only 32 of them are ours. 15 of them are meat birds, 15 of them are layers and 2 of them are ornamental birds. They’re cute little fuzzy butts.

Eagles Again

I know I just did an eagle post but I got some good pictures with my nice camera of 4-5 eagles in one spot. I couldn’t get them in one shot due to angles and tree branches.

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I’m an Eagles Fan

No, not those Eagles. I’ve loved bald eagles for as long as I can remember. I about had a heart attack when I first saw eagles flying around our house shortly after we moved here. I’ve had them fly over my head while I’m shoveling snow, they’re absolutely beautiful. They only seem to be here from December to February. A week or two ago I saw at least 10 eagles in a tree that was too far away to use the camera. I think some of them were golden eagles too. ¬†I caught one by itself the other day. Not the best quality images from my camera phone but I still was pretty excited to catch them.

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Tattle Tail Farm Winter

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Really quite beautiful



Love some of the views that we have

(click on the image to see the full size image)

Life Has Its Own Plans Sometimes

It’s funny how life is sometimes. You may have the best of intentions in trying to do good things and life just steps in to give you a learning moment. We’ve been trying really hard to live more sustainably and to be better prepared for the future. That’s a lot of the reason we moved to where we are and why we are doing the animal thing and the other efforts that we’re documenting on this site. The hard part is that it takes a little money to do these things. I’ve been doing some side work in the evenings to help pay down debt and pay for some things that we’d like to have for our farm. We are due for a fair size check at the end of the month. We recently paid off our credit card (again) and had decided that we were going to use the money on buying all of our bee equipment, we were pretty excited.

Well, shortly after we made that decision, our truck broke down, both sets of cars need at least two new tires and a broken thermostat upstairs is going to cost $200 to replace. All these lovely life events combine together to zap that extra money that we wanted to use for the bee equipment. We’re grateful that we had the money to cover all these issues, it would have ended up on the credit card if it weren’t for that check. I just wish that working hard could go towards what we planned not trying to fix stuff that shouldn’t be broken in the first place. Sometimes you wonder if life is just against us or that we’re being punished for something. But I know that God doesn’t work that way. He absolutely cares for us and is mindful of us but He’s not going to cause my truck to break and most of the time He’s not going to prevent it from breaking. We need to learn how to make our way in this life without Him having to carry us the whole way. We need to involve Him in our lives and our problems but realize that he expects us to do everything that we can. I also think that He’s very ok with us having bees, we just need to prioritize and make sure that we’re using what He gave us the best way we can.