Meet My Piggies



I wanted y’all to meet two of the stars of the show here at Tattletail Farm. Meet Lilly and Miss Piggy. Lilly was an unexpected edition, much to my hubby’s surprise, and Miss Pig was added to keep little Lilly company.


Poor little Lilly was thrown out of a car on a highway. A good Samaritan picked her up and brought her to a Petsmart. One of the nice workers there went to Tractor Supply to buy pig food, where she met me. She said she didn’t know how to take care of a pig. So, of course, I told her if she couldn’t find a home for her then I would give her one. Well, two days later we were building a pig pen. I don’t know how my sweet hubby puts up with me! Haha!

Kyrah, my middle daughter,  always tells people that if an animal is broken or abused it ends up on our farm! Lol! Well Lilly healed up pretty quickly and has warmed right up to us. She knows how to sit, spin, and beg for treats.

Miss Pig is a little more on the fluffy side and can only manage to sit. But she sits so pretty! Haha! And she has the most adorable under bite that makes her tongue stick out all the time.

I love my piggies!