Guts and Glory…ish

So I thought I would share my outlook on the whole meat chicken thing.  I’m really happy that I have healthy chicken to feed my family.  And there is such a sense of satisfaction knowing that when we sit down at the table most of it was provided by our hard work and the Lord’s blessings.  I think that I have really grown as a person through all of our homesteading endeavors.  And I’ve tried to push myself to do things that are hard and it feels good to know that I’ve overcome things.  Like, the whole “chickens scare the living daylights out of me” fear.  Totally conquered it.. yay me!

When Cody asked me to help with the chicken butchering, I took a deep breath and tried not to barf.  I successfully skinned and gutted three chickens.  I even cut the feet off of one of them.  I was really proud of me.  Well, after we cleaned up the mess I kept thinking of chicken guts and ripping lungs out of their body cavities.  Eew!  Sorry, kinda gross.   Then every time I closed my eyes I would see murdered chickens!

So the other night I have this dream.  I am milking Leila the goat in our little milking shed and I look over and Cody is skinning Puck the goat!  My sweet baby boy buck was murdered and Cody looked at me like, “What’s your problem?” I remember screaming in my dream and woke up all sweaty and scared.  Plus I was really ticked at Cody and kinda wanted to kick him in his sleep.

Things that I have learned from the whole ordeal…

  • I shouldn’t push myself too hard.
  • I am a caregiver, not a killer.
  • I don’t mind chopping up the chicken once it looks like a rotisserie chicken, but I can’t kill one and gut it!

So, Cody has agreed that he will do the dirty work and I will put things in plastic bags and freeze them and cook them.  I think that’s a fair deal.

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