Love My Hot Stuff

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that this post is about my smokin’ wife but sadly it is not. She is most definitely my hot stuff but I’m referring to something not as hot, those beautiful peppers. I absolutely love spicy food.

We were at my in-laws’ house last weekend for a birthday party and someone brought some fresh salsa. I was way excited and then my father-in-law stated that the salsa was probably not the type of salsa I would enjoy. I thought, “Hey it’s salsa, it’s got to be good.” But I was wrong, the “salsa” was basically pureed tomatoes  and poured into a bowl. So disappointing…..

The above picture is some of our blessed crop from the garden. For some reason we only had a couple of plants survive this year which is very disappointing compared to last year. We had enough peppers to do two batches of salsa and for a whopping TWO bottles of canned jalapeños. I almost don’t want to open these bottles because I think they look awesome. There is something just super satisfying about growing and canning your own crop. You can see these beauties in the below picture, I think they look lonely.  Necesito mas.


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