Our Farm

Here we are with a little farm, three kiddos and trying our hand at homesteading.  How did we get here?  Funny story.  My hubby, Cody, and I are both military brats with no roots growing up and no previous knowledge of what to do on a farm. (And I was known for not loving to get my hands dirty or letting my kids get their hands dirty. ) Hubby was finishing up his Master’s Degree in Computer Science and we were wondering what adventure we should pursue next.  Well, Cody said he would like some chickens. I wanted a garden and maybe some goats and we both agreed we needed more than .18 of an acre to do those things.  We also wanted our children to grow up learning responsibility and a good work ethic.

So here we are.  We found our dream house in a little “town” outside of Ogden, Utah.  It was only five years old when we bought it, and it’s modeled after an old farmhouse.  I love it!  It also came with about and acre and a half.  We’ve put up fencing and planted grass and now have a bunch of animals in our pasture.  We’ve been here since 2009 and started out slow with a little chicken coup and four chickens.  We now have sheep, goats, ducks, a bunny, cats, and a dog to go along with our chickens.

We decided to have a blog to document our journey through homesteading and share what we have learned with others that may be starting on their own adventure.


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