Now They’ve Done It!

This day has been long in the coming but they finally did it. The pigmy twins have broken the camel’s back or as you can see in the image, the apple’s branch. Our poor little apple tree started with five branches that were all different grafted apple varieties. As of Monday night, it has two left. They had removed (broken) two of the branches last summer. Monday night TaLula broke off the the third branch. It was the only branch that gave us apples this year. I guess Cael had accidentally let the darn goat out of the pasture and Amber could not catch the stinker. I wasn’t feeling good that night so Amber didn’t tell me and thought that she would just stay in the garden. Apparently the apple tree was just too much of a temptation. I went outside and saw TaLula chewing on the broken branch. She got a quick boot in the hiny and ran very quickly back to the pasture.

The pigmies really have been a big pain lately. They’re not as friendly and sweet as our lamancha goats and really like to get into things. They were Amber’s pets so I really couldn’t do anything about them. Amber finally had her fill of them and we asked our neighbor Chad to see if he was interested in owning two more goats. He said he was and came over Tuesday and took our pigmies away.

It’s a little eerie and quiet right now in the pasture. I really like it. I can open the gate without having to push an annoying little head out of the way. The kids can go do their outside chores without worrying about those little stinkers getting into  our hay supply. We enjoyed having them for the last two years but we’re ready to move onto different things.

Our Apple Tree

We were very excited two years ago to plant our very first fruit tree. It was an apple that had five different apple varieties grafted into the tree. Unfortunately we happen to have very “hungry” pigmy goats that like apple tree leaves and limbs. They got loose one day and reduced the five variety apple tree to a three variety apple tree.

We were a little disappointed last summer to only see flowers bloom but no fruit. So this year we were super excited to see five apples emerge from the blooms. But again due to the Pygmy Twins and wind, our bountiful crop was reduced to two apples. They look very delicious and we cannot wait to give them a try. We’re hoping next year we’ll do better about keeping our naughty little goats away and receiving a bit larger crop.