Next Year’s Priority

My lovely woman and I sat down tonight to decide next year’s priorities for money. We made a big list of wants and then categorized them into “Really Want”, “Nice to Have” and “Someday”.

Really Want

This list is in desired order. We hope to be able to do it all next year.

Bees Finally going to get them next year
Kitchen Fridge Our current fridge isn’t doing so well. Want to replace it and put the current one in the garage for when we need the extra space.
Chickens-Meat Worked out well last year.
Trees in the Pasture Add more shade for the babies in the pasture. We have four out there now and plan to add more every year.
Apricot Tree Our apricot tree died last year. Would like to replace it.


Nice to Have

This list is not in any order. I’m doubting we’ll able to do much on this list.

Pigs We’d like to do pigs both for the meat and for the 4H opportunity for our kids.
Outside Water We hate having to lug buckets of water during the winter when we shut off our sprinkler water.
Greenhouse Amber would really like to have one of these. We have most of the windows, just need to do a foundation and lumber.
Hoses for the garden We’d like to rework how we do our watering in the garden.
Fence We’d like to help encourage neighbor dogs to stop pooping in the yard.



Again, not in any order. Mostly to keep it in our sites as we strive to move forward with our little farm and house.

Gravel for side Garage Right now we have weeds in this driveway. Gravel would help immensely.
Cement For Driveway Rip out the “nature” area between our two car garage driveway.
Workshop\Barn Area to store farm stuff and for me to keep my tools.
Porch in the Back Allow us to enjoy the evenings without being carried away by mosquitoes.
Stove and Oven on Porch Cook on the porch without heating the house in the summer.
Walkway to Pasture Flagstone Right now we have worn down grass path to the pasture. Would like it to look better.
Patio Furniture Enjoy the covered porch.