What Have We Come To

My oldest daughter was feeling pretty gross today so my wife took her to the doctor at 4. That meant that I was supposed to be responsible for getting dinner together for the family. I know, scary. We picked a bunch of raspberries Friday before the frost came and I didn’t want them to go to waste. So I made some German pancakes with raspberry syrup, who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner. The whole time growing up my dad would make waffles for us if mom wasn’t around to make dinner. It always turned out pretty well, although there was that one time that he tried to warm up Dominoes pizza that didn’t turn out so well. Maybe he should have stuck with breakfast.

My mom made German pancakes for our family for as long as I can remember but we called them funny pancakes (because of the bubbles). We started making them for our kids and they dubbed them silly bubble pancakes. They absolutely love these things and we usually have to double the batch because they scarf them down.

The raspberry syrup recipe came from here. It worked out pretty well except the blender didn’t stay sealed when I tried to blend the hot berry sauce … what a mess, tasty but a mess. The corn starch clumped pretty badly too so I don’t think I’d mess with the corn starch next time.

Take a look at our beautiful raspberries. Ever since I was a young boy I’ve loved raspberries. My Grandma Cloward had a ton of raspberry bushes in her garden and I would spend hours stuffing my face. I definitely need to increase my number of raspberry bushes.