2nd Annual Tomato Wars

The “Tomato Wars” started at the end of the gardening season last year. We were cleaning up the garden and getting it ready to till up when someone thought it would be a good idea to toss an over ripe tomato at my lovely wife. Well that caused quite the bloody, just tomato blood, conflict in our little clan.

The kids have been talking about our tomato war all summer long. We finally let them have their little war on 10/13. This year’s didn’t go as well as the first. There were a lot more tears in this year’s “conflict”. I think it was due to us being more diligent this year in removing most of the ripe tomatoes, thus leaving more green, hard tomatoes for the war. I think everybody got pegged by one of those owie things. I think we may do something different next year.

Here’s our video of the event. It’s very shaky and I’m definitely not destined for fame in the film industry. Maybe I’ll get a helmet camera for next year: